‘We will be the senior graduating class of 2016’

020901Dugan1Sept. 2, 2002

Dear Mr. Moore,

We are a bilingual and an ESL pre-kindergarten class in L.O. Donald Elementary in Dallas, Texas. We will be doing our best to learn English this school year of 2002-2003. We will be the senior graduating class of 2016.

We are using your CDs of children’s songs to learn with. Could we ask you a favor?

We have one wall in our classroom named our “Wall of Honor.” It is filled with autographed pictures of famous people who have written to us. Could we have an autographed picture of you for our “Wall of Honor”? Our class motto is “I can, I can.” It comes from the poem at right written by our teacher. We are the can do class. Thank you, Mr. Moore.