• Celebrating Ella Jenkins’ 97th birthday
    On “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”; Thomas Moore on stage with Jenkins and early childhood teachers at National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conferences.

    Aug. 6, 2021

    Morning Bugle Productions is working to finish a video on the life and work of Ella Jenkins, who long ago was dubbed “the First Lady of the Children’s Folk Song.” In a career as a freelance musician spanning 70 years, she has been an inspiration to children, and not a few adults.

    Tim Ferrin of Morning Bugle Productions also produced a video marking Jenkins’ 90th birthday. On that occasion he was quoted by Smithsonain magazine as saying, “‘She really approached making children’s music in an intelligent way, which had never really been done before,’ … incorporating Americana and folk traditions and making them accessible for children. ‘She was really trailblazing.’”

    The scenes above are from a short limited-circulation “happy birthday montage” video possibly available for home viewing here. The late Fred Rogers had her on his PBS show. Dr. Thomas Moore describes the other two photos:

    “Both events were within the last 10 years, at Ella Jenkins’ teaching and learning concerts/workshops before between 1,000-5,000 early childhood educators at the National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference.

    “Ella often invited her children’s music friends to join her on stage. Several decades ago, 1979, we first met. We’ve been friends since.” Dr. Moore said he first heard her music when he was a 16-year-old bus driver for Gaston County schools.

    On Ella Jenkins’ stage, he wrote, “I was special because I was the one who played the saxophone and I was one who knew how to play the blues and the spirituals like the ‘old timers.’”



  • Connecting with children, even during a pandemic
    Dr. Grace

    Aug. 4, 2021

    A podcast released today captures Dr. Thomas Moore talking about how adults can build bridges to the children in their lives and help them through tough times.

    Interviewer was Dr. Cathy Grace, co-director of the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning at the University of Mississippi.

    When Dr. Grace asked about how adults could nurture connectivity with children even amidst the Covid pandemic, Dr. Moore talked about a recent children’s choir rehearsal in the parking lot of Covenant United Methodist Church on Charlotte’s Tuckaseegee Road, where he is director of music.

    When jets soon to land at Charlotte-Douglas airport fly overhead, the singing stops. After one recent fly-by, he told the children that that sure was a loud truck. No, said the children; it was a plane. That began a word game in which the children defined where it went. There was, Dr. Moore explained, “something we are creating in that moment that can only be created when we allow children to take the lead.”

    The podcast is below.



  • Song still makes waves
    Photo: Carolina Yacht Club

    July 22, 2021

    It’s summer, and the entrepreneur who gave Thomas Moore a forever place in the beach music scene is back.

    Bill Bradford writes: “’Fallin’ So In Love With You’ by Thomas Moore is seeing increased recurrent play.”

    More on the 1982 roots of the Bradford/Moore collaboration is here.

    “We wanted to make sure all are aware and have this tune in your bag.

    “Written and produced by Bill Bradford for Spirit Records Stoney Point Music/BMI. Available on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and all the usual places.”



  • Let’s give Thomas a warm welcome to Southminster


    June 15, 2020

    All of Thomas’s hundreds of friends realize how he has impacted children, youth, teachers, college students, community leaders, churches and choirs, in Charlotte as well as all over the country and world. We know how generous he is with his talents, his love, his time, and his resources.

    And for his many friends at Southminster Retirement Community, there is good news: The man with that wonderful baritone voice will be moving in!

    Dr. Moore will be continuing to work outside Southminster, teaching students at Clinton College and serving as children’s and adult choir director at Covenant United Methodist Church. But his home will be among us. Some of us are working on getting furniture scaled to fit in his new digs!

    Thomas has many friends here, across Charlotte, even across the world. Could we all offer him a warm welcome to his new home?

    Send your cards, your well wishes and your housewarming gifts to Dr. Thomas Moore, 8919 Park Rd, Apt 267, Charlotte, NC 28210. Let’s have his mailbox full when he arrives at Southminster this Thursday, June 18. If you have questions, e-mail me.

    Many of us have been his friend for years. He has been to me a special friend for 12 years. And now he’s going to be living just down the hall from me!

    Diane Ruehl
    [email protected]



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