‘Rock Me’

Aug. 1, 2015

The World Organization for Early Childhood Education, known by its French acronym OMEP (Organisation Modaile Pour L’Éducation Préscolaire), held its annual meeting in Washington, D.C. this summer.

On Aug. 1, Diana Suskind held a workshop to spotlight her Stonework Play, which had its beginnings at a school in Nepal where the only things Suskind could find for the children to play with were stones.

As Suskind describes the clip below, Thomas Moore was attendance at the Aug. 1 workshop.

“This spontaneously happened,” she explained on her YouTube posting. “Participants helped sing with Thomas. Rhythm is fun and simple, give it a try. Sing along. Thanks, Thomas. Notice Aaron Khadka, the youngest participant ,is totally engrossed. He had made a waterfall for his Stonework Play story.”

Dr. Moore’s song is in traditional call-and-response form, with Moore as leader saying a line that is repeated by other participants. The lyrics:

“Rock Me… One two three… Then hold me… One two three… Show me… Show me again… You’re my friend… And again, again… Again, again… Till the rocks cry out!”


More on Suskind is at her website and on Facebook.

A video of excerpts from Suskind’s work is here.