‘I jumped to my feet with tears flowing’

April 1, 2015

“During yesterday’s National Head Start Association’s conference opening session,” Thomas Moore writes his Facebook friends, “I directed the National Head Start Choir.

“Also, during his inspirational speech, Cornell Brooks, President of the NAACP, shared that he was a Head Start child. I jumped to my feet with tears flowing.

“As I looked around me, all 5,000 people in the room were clapping and drying tears as well.

“I have heard similar stories of leaders whose families needed assistance during earlier times. Mr. Brooks provided us with another example of a child receiving the Head Start experience and a country receiving a great leader.

“God bless America for being wise enough to choose Ed Zigler to create a preschool program that provides comprehensive resources to provide better beginnings for many low-income children and families.”

Below is an excerpt from Cornell Brooks’ speech.”

More info at NAACP site, posted April 15. YouTube video here.