My cousin Thomas


Dec. 4, 2009;  photos courtesy Dequilla Walker

“At an early age, when Thomas Moore sang “Love me Tender” (which his mother coaxed him to perform at the annual Christmas gathering at his grandmother’s house) and joined in the ole time spirituals at his father’s small, rural church, he realized that he was destined to entertain.

“But he never was consumed with it.  To the contrary, he was an ordinary kid who liked to climb trees, play football and baseball, and engage in all kinds of outdoor activities.

“Before he finished high school, music increasingly became an important part of his life, and it would remain as such.

“While in his 20s, Thomas landed the TV role of ‘Mr. Keys’ on WBTV’s children’s show ‘EZ Street’ and he became a Captain Kangaroo to the many children who watched his program.  Indubitably, it was this connection to young people that inspired him a few years later to create the annual New Year’s Eve children’s celebration that drew a faithful following for 29 years.

“We are all so fortunate to have been a part of these many celebrations that made a difference in our lives.  Thomas, thank you for your wonderful contributions!”

 – Dequilla Walker