‘Can I shake your foot?’

Jan. 19, 2010

“Whenever I went to training and Thomas Moore was there I knew it would be a wonderful time!!

“If my memory serves me correctly my daughter and I were at a conference in Greensboro, NC. My grandson, Casey (3 years old), came along for the trip.

“As we were walking through the exhibits of course Casey wanted every toy! When we had to say no to him, of course he cried.

“We came around a corner with Casey crying, there stood Thomas Moore. Thomas approached Casey and said, ‘Can I shake your hand?’ Casey stopped crying immediately and gave him his hand.

“Then Thomas said, ‘Can I shake your other hand?’

“Then to the now-smiling Casey, Thomas said ‘Can I shake your foot?’ And lastly Thomas says, ‘Can I shake your other foot?’

“By this time Casey was laughing out loud! So was his mother and nana! Thank you Thomas Moore you are wonderful!!!!!”

– Peggy Grice