Committed to all the children


June 3, 2016

“Meet my new friend, Dr. Barbara Weinstein, President and CEO of Family Central,” Dr. Moore wrote his Facebook friends today. “During the Miami-Dade and Broward County HIPPY graduations she not only provided a wonderful child-friendly speech to the children and their families, she sang, danced and pat-a-caked with them as well. She did the Humpty Dumpty dance too.”

Dr. Weinstein’s husband, Peter M. Weinstein (inset), is Chief Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida serving Broward County. This graduate of the Brooklyn Law School is known to the press as “the kid from Queens” and he supervises 90 judges – a job one observer compared to “herding cats.”

“We had an interesting conversation about children and families,” Dr. Moore said of the judge. “He danced and sang along with us as well. I’ve had a great time.”