Bishop Herbert Spaugh ‘spoke to other people’ about a young man’s enthusiasm

Nov. 22, 1978

The date we’ve chosen here is when Bishop Herbert Spaugh died, though the event promoted in the flier below must have been held some time later.

Bishop Herbert Spaugh in 1957. Photo: Frank Jones via
Bishop Herbert Spaugh in 1957. Photo: Frank Jones via

Bishop Spaugh was pastor of the Moravian Little Church on the Lane in Myers Park for four decades. He served on the CMS Board of Education for about 25 years. He wrote a column in the newspaper, also for decades. To say that Bishop Spaugh was one of the most prominent citizens of his day is a major understatement.

“Bishop Spaugh was one of those leaders who encouraged me,” Thomas recalls. “I remember conversations with him and, years later, being connected with his son.

“The Bishop spoke to other people about my enthusiasm and ongoing commitment to many community efforts.

“I do remember singing for a Thanksgiving service at his church.

“Bill Pearce was the Civitan member who became my contact to the club.

“Another Civitan was Mayor Stan Brookshire who held me, along with his brothers, as I wept during the funeral for their sister, Margaret Brookshire Hill.”