A call to the beach

May 8, 2013

Valerie Cown is a lecturer at The University of Georgia and program coordinator of the university’s Birth through Five Program in Child and Family Development.


130508CownThomas Moore returned my call asking for permission to use some of his wonderful songs in activities for preschool children while I was on the beach this spring. I’ve been bragging about that personal call to all of my colleagues at the University of Georgia!

We are developing a curriculum to teach young children the importance of eating healthy foods, drinking water and exercising in our Eat Healthy, Be Active initiative. I just wrote a lesson plan using the song, “I Like Water”, and we plan to use other great songs like “Corn on the Cob”, “The Family Jog” and the “Vegetables Song” in our activities.

When I taught Head Start at the University of Georgia at the McPhaul Child Development Lab, we loved singing Thomas’ songs! Some of our favorites were “I Like Me”, “I Am Special”, “Make Myself Some Cookies”, “Humpty Dumpty Dumpty” and “Rock ‘n Roll Patty-Cake”. I love Thomas Moore and think his songs are an outstanding way to encourage children’s self-esteem! They are easy, fun and they help children experience success!

Thanks for the call, Thomas! I really do love you even more now!!!!!!