You just never know when learning is to begin

151030Map450Oct. 30, 2015

You’d think that the day before Halloween would be full of stories and play about dress-up and sweet things to eat. But no.

The pre-K child entering the room took up a little mat, shown at right, and immediately made up a game that could include the grownups.

The mat has been in the house for years and had never been used. But today?

Adult Number 1 was given a round pillow for a steering wheel, and the child, using the mat as a map, directed the driver from “a”, turning right at “c” and straight ahead and so forth until being told to stop at “y”, and the sandbox. Then the pillow changed hands and there was a change of drivers. The child called out instructions to Adult Number 2, left and right and airborne over some obstruction to land at the flowers near “r”. For the third trip, the child delegated navigation chores to Adult Number 1, who sent the car left and right and airborne over the hopscotch and back to the flowers near R.

Lots of fun. Minimal carbon footprint. A Thomas moment.

Steve Johnston