‘We had a lot of fun with your books….’




Oct. 9, 2007

Dear Mr. Moore,

Last year my co-worker and I attended your workshop at Princeton, Kentucky. We purchased a couple of your books, “Corn on the Cob,” and “Humpty Dumpty Dumpty.” We incorporated several of the ideas you talked about at the meeting, and added a few of our own. We thought you might like the enclosed pictures.

Corn on the Cob

Literacy/Language – We read the book. We also sent home yellow (kernel shaped paper) and asked each parent to write his or her child’s answer to the question, “What do you like to eat with your corn on the cob?”

Music – We sang the song.

Fine Motor/Language – We shelled corn to play with in a large tray in the classroom. (The children also traced or wrote their name on the yellow corn shaped paper.)

Art – We used some of the corn for creative arts projects.

Science/Discovery – We fed the birds and other animals shelled corn. We watched from our classroom window as “our guests” enjoyed the feast!

Humpty Dumpty Dumpty

Literacy/Language – We read the book. Recited the poem.

Music/Movement – Sang the song and danced.

Fine Motor – Built a block wall for our stuffed animal “Humpty Dumpty.”

Science/Discovery – Dropped an egg as we recited the poem.

Art/Language – Drew pictures of HD on or falling off of the wall. Answered the question, “Why did HD fall off of the wall?”

We had lots of fun with your books and hope to read some more of your writings in the future. You are a popular guy in our preschool classrooms. Thanks!

Angel McDonald, Marion, Ky.