Unborn child moves to the music

Feb. 18, 2010

“I attended the Early Years Are Learning Years Conference in State College, Pennsylvania, in January of this year, and Thomas Moore was the guest speaker. I loved to hear his words of encouragement and hear him singing. At the time of the conference, I was five months pregnant.

“The moment he started singing I could feel the baby moving to his words. After that I went to work and we have Thomas’ CD in the classroom. Each time we play his music, the baby starts to move.

 “Not only have you inspired me to sing more to the children at work and to have the children sing more, but you have sparked an interest in my unborn child.

“She is due June 8 and I can’t wait to sing to her. I will be ordering a CD soon with all your songs. Thank you so much for inspiring me.”

– Crystal Vanderhoof

Munson, Pa.