Thomas named to Benedict College faculty

July 18, 2011

Thomas wrote his Facebook family today:

110718Benedict“On [Thursday,] July 14th, I signed a contract to teach at Benedict College in Columbia, SC where I will serve as Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education in the Department of Elementary and Family and Child Studies.

“I will begin my work on August 4th.

“This is my third teaching position. University of Southern Mississippi and Georgia Southern preceded this job.

“I am excited!!!”

Thomas will continue to live in Charlotte. Early plans were to concentrate his on-campus activity into a couple of days a week.

On April 16, Thomas was in Columbia to give a keynote address and workshop at the Department of Early Childhood Education. He referred to that speech when he announced his appointment at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum on July 19:

“One of the special things about Benedict College that I was impressed with is they have a program called ‘Call Me MIster.’ It’s a scholarship program to get African-American males into elementary and early-childhood education. I was impressed by the number of men who came to this speech that I gave on the campus. I’m very excited about what’s going on (with Call Me Mister) in South Carolina at five schools, four of them historically black colleges. It is being copied in other states.”

In recent months, Thomas has been cutting ties with some longstanding obligations in the community, as if preparing for a new adventure. Now we all know what the new adventure is!

In an interview Tuesday morning, Thomas said he was having to do a whole bunch of reading to prepare for the new classes he will teach. More about that anon, but good for you, Thomas: Always modeling appropriate behavior for your students.

Congratulations, Thomas! You did not choose an easy path. You never have!