Revising ‘Good Morning’ for an afternoon pre-K class


March 11, 2003

Dear Mr. Moore,

My name is Andrea Cocci, and I am a pre-kindergarten teacher at Price Elementary School in Lancaster, Pa. I had the pleasure of meeting you at the recent NAEYC conference in New York last November. I even took my picture with you so my children could see me with the author/composer of our songs and book!) My children really enjoy your songs, especially “Good Morning.”

Excerpt from “Good Morning.”

My afternoon class noticed, though, that I have to turn down the volume on “good morning” so that we can say “good afternoon.” They decided that they wanted to write you a letter to request that you re-record your song to say “Good Afternoon” to my friends.”

If you could write us a letter back and let us know your thoughts, I know the children would be so excited.

Thank you for your time, and the wonderful music you make.

Andrea Cocci