‘Moore celebrates children, New Year’


Dec, 29, 1988

By M.L LaNey
Post Entertainment Editor
The Charlotte Post

He’s known as Mr. Keys and he’s back. He’s the former host of WBTV’s E-Z Street.

Thomas Moore is a man kids can count on. But there is nothing unusual about that. Moore probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the past ten years Moore has held an annual New Year’s Eve Celebration. This year will be no exception. It’s being billed as Thoms Moore’s 10th Anniversary New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Moore thinks of these gatherings as “a celebration of life for children of all ages.” Moore has impressed young and old alike with his commitment.

One ardent fan expressed lament at the prospects of missing this year’s performance. “I regret that I’ll have to be away from Charlotte during the holidays.

“Most of all I will miss the wonderful New Year’s Celebration for children sponsored by Thomas Moore at the Children’s Theatre.

“I have visited many countries and I still find Moore’s New Year’s show to be the most heart-warming experience for people of all ages.”

What has to be very impressive also is the fact that Moore foots the bill for these shows with his own money.

For the last five years this dynamic young man has not only given of himself for the enrichment of children, but has sought additional ways in which he could extend and improve himself to serve his young charges.

Moore is an entertainer, who made a name for himself with his involvement in local television as an imaginative and industrious creator of children’s programming.

Through his work at the Children’s Theatre, Moore has found a way to express and alleviate some of his concerns for the future of children.

The shows will be held on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1:00 until 2:00 p.m.

Why has Moore felt so commited to this annual affair, one might ask.

Moore answers enthusiastically. “Because it’s a fun, caring and loving way to bring in the New Year with children and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

“You can bring in the New Year hours before your neighbors and friends.”

Tickets are available at the Children’s Theatre, Black Forest Books and the Brandywine Book Store.

The object of the show is to provide artistic encouragement and nurture the children’s talents.

The bill of performers will include professional and amateur musicians and dancers. From Clara Jones Piano Studio will come a group of students who will provide musical entertainment. Jazz and classical musician Allan Kaufman will be on hand to lend his support.

The audience will be comprised of parents, grandparents and friends who enjoy family entertainment.

Says Moore, “The family needs to be involved with the development of every child.

“It is important that the teachers realize the importance of family involvement in the education of their child. It is essential that a child feel good about his or her family make-up.

“I’m interested in helping a child achieve a total acceptance instead of the limits of an in-school acceptance.”

With a profound sense of purpose, Moore has dedicated his talents to this community’s children.

In doing so, he has also encouraged others to give of themselves to this same end. He has served as guest conductor for the Charlotte Pops Orchestra, conductor of the Bethlehem Center Children’s Choir and he sometimes plays saxophone to augment his performances.

Moore has conceived of two symphonic pieces for children and symphony.

He has been a consultant to the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

Hs is a doctoral student in early childhood education at Indiana State University. He has been a keynote speaker on numerous occasions at the local, state and national level.

“This year’s celebration has all the magic ingredients of past years,” says Moore. “Children’s play and the music they share in their day to day experiences should be happy, fun times.

“Along with these experiences there are opportunities to teach, learn and reinforce concepts oncerning: the world, sizes and shapes, self and a host of other exciting benefiits that help children grow.

“You have social emotional physical and intellectual development to stimulate. I love to see children feel good about themselves. I tell them to enjoy themselves. Live, love and learn as much as you can.”

The Children’s Theatre is located at 1017 E. Morehead Street. For more information, call Karen Nagle, (704) 365-8444.