‘He instilled in me to believe in myself…’

Catrina Reese (Facebook)
Catrina Reese (Facebook)

Nov. 8, 2015

“There is so much to say about this awesome man of God,” writes recording artist Catrina Reese.

“Mr. Thomas Moore was my mentor and vocal coach when I was enrolled at The Community School of the Arts in the early 1970s. The impact his teaching had on my life has made me the artist I am today.

“He was like my second father and he instilled in me to believe in myself and the gift that God planted in me.

“My first song,’If You Believe’ from the musical play, ‘THE WIZ’, which was the first song I learned and sang under Mr. Moore’s tutelage at my recital, still holds true with me today when I get on stage and sing to audiences all across the world.

“Believe in yourself, as I believe in you….”

“Thanks, Thomas, for always reminding me to BELIEVE IN MYSELF AS YOU BELIEVED IN ME!”

Love, Catrina