Connecting with children, even during a pandemic

Dr. Grace

Aug. 4, 2021

A podcast released today captures Dr. Thomas Moore talking about how adults can build bridges to the children in their lives and help them through tough times.

Interviewer was Dr. Cathy Grace, co-director of the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning at the University of Mississippi.

When Dr. Grace asked about how adults could nurture connectivity with children even amidst the Covid pandemic, Dr. Moore talked about a recent children’s choir rehearsal in the parking lot of Covenant United Methodist Church on Charlotte’s Tuckaseegee Road, where he is director of music.

When jets soon to land at Charlotte-Douglas airport fly overhead, the singing stops. After one recent fly-by, he told the children that that sure was a loud truck. No, said the children; it was a plane. That began a word game in which the children defined where it went. There was, Dr. Moore explained, “something we are creating in that moment that can only be created when we allow children to take the lead.”

The podcast is below.