‘A brand new, brighter day’

June 23, 2012

When Thomas Moore came to Charleston—
Who would have known we’d have so much fun?
Singing and dancing on the floor—
Patty-cakin’ and so much more!
There was opera, piano playing, and laughter that filled the atmosphere—
Lessons that were touched on: safety, love, and care!
Thomas got us all involved as we learned and connected through play—
Which would make me want to come to school each and every day!
As teachers we came out knowing we have the awesome responsibility—
To open the minds of each girl and boy in our society!
Dr. Thomas Moore, our “angel”, came to teach us in his unique and special way…
In the hopes that generations of children will benefit for a brand new, brighter day!

This poem gives an overview of my wonderful experience with Dr. Moore at our Literacy Conference held this summer in North Charleston.

– Bernetta S. Morton, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.