• Dr. Moore on talking to children about Charlotte unrest


    Sept. 23, 2016

    Dr. Moore was interviewed this morning on WBT radio about talking to children about the police shootings and unrest in Charlotte.

    On Dr. Moore’s post, Jo Anne Jones replied:

    “As I listened to the interview…especially when you were talking about offering music/song to children who may no longer be comfortable with hugs…I pictured you at the piano in a living room in Charlotte some years ago.

    “The room was full of diverse people sitting on chairs and couches enjoying your sing-song … while the children in the room were standing all around you at the piano… some waiting to request the next song. I came to the party with my friend Ellen Scarborough, who I was visiting. I didn’t know anyone else there when we arrived.

    “I still remember every detail of that joyful evening. The guests were young and old, all colors, several nationalities, numerous religions, likely rich and poor. They all seemed equal as we enjoyed sharing an evening of good conversation, music. mutual respect and love. We all exchanged our stories. It is so important to share music and our stories.

    “I remember the evening so well because it represented an ideal world. After discovering that my friend Pam was in the choir you directed at that time, we came to your church the next day and then all went out to eat. I even met some of your family. I am so thankful that Charlotte has you there in times like these, Thomas, to help the children to feel safe and hopeful. When I saw your post Wednesday night …singing “let the peace begin with me” … I just wished that beautiful and soothing voice could ring out all over the city.”

    Dr. Moore replied: “Jo Anne Jones, that was a wonderful moment in time. Ella Scarborough was a special dear friend. I am happy to assist in creating community trust-building experiences especially when children are in the room. I continue to create those experiences in Charlotte and Hot Springs. Come join us when you can.”


  • Where peace begins

    Sept. 22, 2016

    Dr. Moore sang this and shared it with his Facebook friends as peaceful protests of a recent police shooting had turned into violent confrontations and looting just blocks from his Charlotte home.


  • Pray for all at Clinton ‘as we grieve’
    Assembly at Clinton College Monday (Thomas Moore photo).

    Sept. 19, 2016

    “Pray for the faculty members, students, staff and administrators at Clinton College,” Dr. Moore wrote his Facebook friends, “as we grieve the tragic deaths of two Clinton students.

    “Also include prayers for the 8-year-old student and bus driver. We also pray for the speedy recovery of the injured students.”

    A bus carrying the Ramah Juco Academy football team, including a number of Clinton students, crashed Saturday afternoon near Hamlet after a tire blew, sending the  bus into the median, then a guardrail and a bridge column. The Rock Hill Herald’s Andrew Dys filed this report on Monday morning’s assembly, cached here.


  • Teaching the teachers how to encourage all children

    160825DSSAug. 25, 2016

    Dr. Moore reported from the road to his Facebook friends:

    “Today I am at the Cumberland County Department of Social Services presenting a diversity workshop for the local Action Pathways Head Start program in Fayetteville, NC [before 2015 known as Cumberland Community Action Program (CCAP)].

    “This team of early childhood educators and support staff are ready to welcome all children and parents, regardless of their values, beliefs, physical appearances, home language, etc.

    “My first summer job (1966) was as a bus driver for the local Head Start in Gastonia,NC. I was 16 years old and this year is the 50th year of my working for pay.”

    Gosh, we thought Dr. Moore was 39.


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