• Teaching the teachers how to encourage all children

    160825DSSAug. 25, 2016

    Dr. Moore reported from the road to his Facebook friends:

    “Today I am at the Cumberland County Department of Social Services presenting a diversity workshop for the local Action Pathways Head Start program in Fayetteville, NC [before 2015 known as Cumberland Community Action Program (CCAP)].

    “This team of early childhood educators and support staff are ready to welcome all children and parents, regardless of their values, beliefs, physical appearances, home language, etc.

    “My first summer job (1966) was as a bus driver for the local Head Start in Gastonia,NC. I was 16 years old and this year is the 50th year of my working for pay.”

    Gosh, we thought Dr. Moore was 39.


  • ‘Fallin’ So In Love With You’ is No. 1 on Beach Music Café‘s Top 50

    Aug. 25, 2016

    Thomas Moore’s soul single “Fallin’ So In Love With You” topped the August charts at Beach Music Café Internet Radio, according to Spirit Records’ Bill Bradford.

    Buy the song on Amazon here, the Queen City Soul album as an MP3 or CD here. Or download the song or the Queen City Soul album through your iTunes account.

    Dr. Moore wrote his Facebook friends: “This is a listener’s best list. Bill is the writer, arranger, producer, drummer, one of the back-up singers, saxophonist and everything else on this song. Wow!!! Check out WillieCs RnB Beach Music Café. Congratulations to Bill Bradford and Sandy Bell, owners of Spirit Records. They have seven of their artists on the list.”

    Bill Bradford writes:

    “Back in the early ’80s when I was getting my small record label, Spirit Records, started he recorded this song and we released it regionally as a single.  It got some play in the ‘Beach Music’ market and then lay dormant for years until I did a ‘remix’ on it and sent it out to some Carolinas beach music DJs last year.

    “Some played it again, but it caught with this particular Internet radio DJ and his listeners.  He keeps a chart on his current Top 50, and it has been slowly rising for several months and is now #1 with his listeners on his show, Willie C’s R&B Beach Music Cafe  (the August chart is not up yet on this site).

    “‘Beach Music’ is essentially a sub-genre of Soul/R&B – danceable R&B music first played along the Carolinas coast – which continues today. While admittedly a small market, nonetheless it is a feat to have a song that goes #1 on any chart today!  And, it shows that, in the music business, “you never know.”  Compliments and congratulations to Thomas!”

    The August Top 50 list is on Dr. Moore’s website here.


  • ‘A friend, a father figure, a mentor and a teacher to me’

    Aug. 21, 2016

    In 1978, according to Dr. Moore, a 5-year-old child named Kati Posey Toney “made my grandmother Mary Jackson Currence smile and giggle during my 1979 WSOC-TV Special. From that first meeting I knew you… were special.”

    Today, Toney wrote to her Facebook friends:

    “So, you know that meme that’s floated around that says “Someday somebody’s gonna hug you so tight they’ll put all the broken pieces back together”? Well, I’m fortunate to have a few friends who fit that description.

    Kati Posey Toney
    Kati Posey Toney

    “But, aside from my Mama, there’s one friend who tops them all in this category and I got a surprise visit from him yesterday!! If you don’t know Thomas Moore, you really should! He is a profound keynote speaker on early childhood education and an extraordinary musician! He’s the epitome of unconditional love and someone I’ve been blessed to know nearly all of my life.

    “He’s been a friend, a father figure, a mentor and a teacher to me… and that’s never changed. He challenges me to think outside my box to see a broader picture…whether it be for my life or life in general.

    “He challenged me yesterday to consider writing music as he feels I’ve been gifted with words…and also music. It’s been a very long time since I’ve written music, and I almost feel as if that gift has left me… nor am I even sure of my “gift” with words, but I’m certainly considering the challenge.

    “Now, going back to my first sentence, I’m not saying I’m ‘broken’ (but really, aren’t we all to some degree? Lol), in fact, at the moment, things are pretty OK with me. But when he hugged me yesterday, it literally felt as if any little thing that was out of place came back together. Thomas, you make this world a brighter place for all who know you on any level! Thank you for the visit! I love you!!”

    Toney’s blog is here,

  • 2 Gastonia pals in 1967 renew their friendship
    Judge Jesse Caldwell, Dr. Thomas Moore.
    Judge Jesse Caldwell, Dr. Thomas Moore.

    Aug. 3, 2016

    Dr. Moore had a “coffee chat” at Starbucks in Gastonia with Judge Jessie Caldwell. “Our friendship goes all the way back to 1967. Man, did we have much to share!”

    Dr. Moore explained, “I just decided to explore my past by having an extended conversation. He and I had never shared much about our Gastonia connections…. For some reason, Gastonia is on my mind.”

    Judge Caldwell, a lawyer since 1973 and elected to the Superior Court bench in 1993, wrote, “What a WONDERFUL time we had!!!…. Thomas is one of the most talented people I know – in SO MANY areas!!!”


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